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Falling in love with yourself is as beautiful as any experience of love is. It’s learning to laugh at your awkward tendencies and smile at all your quirky habits. It’s learning to be grateful for the many sides you have – confident, crazy, shy, sexy, nerdy, angry, weird, and all the rest of them. It is realizing that you’re one of a kind and that you deserve to give the world the best person you can be. Falling in love with yourself is being happy in your life and knowing that in this one moment in time, you’re beautiful simply because you are you.
Kovie Biakolo (via lilysofthefield)

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the music pounds in my ears, chest, feet

the beat forces my hips to sway as you press up against me

we move together,

feeling the sex radiate off our skin

the need

the want…

your hands search my body

for unprotected skin

I feel your breath on my neck

feel you bite my neck, just a nip

I moan

I need release

you kiss me deep

my body responding

waiting for more

and then….

you’re gone


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